Big 12 Refs is a JOKE to the conference!!!

I don’t blog on my own, however after what happened after last night’s game, I have to talk about this.

After I watched the KU vs. ISU basketball game last night, the Big 12 refs controversary just gets WORST!!! This season the Big 12 is not only famous by the top-ranked Jayhawks but the Big 12 Referees are making the spotlight with the last play of regulation during last night’s game.

Here’s my opinion about the last play, IT WAS A CHARGE and the refs should of call it the second after it happened, not ten seconds after it happened. The Big 12 should take consideration to evulate these refs because their has been a lot of controversary with the refs this season such as OSU vs. KU and now ISU vs. KU (Funny how Kansas is in this a lot).1o1X9O_SlMa_80

Photo Credit: Kansas gets a rare home lost

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